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Nicole Abisinio

Nicole was standing on the red carpet for a premiere at the Cannes Film Festival when she suddenly realized something was missing from her photo ops. In the midst of following her worldly dreams to be a successful actress and producer, she left Jesus in the rearview mirror.

Acting alongside Bill Murray and television stars such as The O.C.'s Ryan Donowho, producing films starring The Walking Dead's Norman Reedus and ABC's television sweetheart Justin Hartley ("This is Us"), and hobnobbing with celebrities, Nicole had the world in the palm of her hands...and it meant nothing. "But what does it mean to gain the whole world if you lose your soul?" (Mark 8:36).

Nicole's identity had too often been determined by who the world said she was, whether it was friends, a boyfriend, Hollywood, society, even family members. Too often those definitions left her feeling worthless and constantly chasing temporary happiness. Nicole had had a life journey of success in Hollywood, but despite having "success" in the eyes of the world, she was left feeling completely empty inside. 

It wasn't until she was gifted a Bible and read the Word of God that she was truly able to understand her identity in Christ and how much God loves her. Nicole's response was an overwhelming, previously unknown stirring of the Holy Spirit as the only words she could utter were "I have to find a church." In the arms of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, she found everything she had ever been searching for, and never looked back. She then further dove into Christ's love through the richness of the Catholic Church. The outcome is a constant joy and peace that the world cannot offer but that Jesus fulfills. 

God showed Nicole how she could use the power of media for His glory and she now works exclusively for His kingdom. God has called her to work in faith-friendly films, and she believes that media can be a powerful tool to spread His word.

Nicole currently works as producer, actress, and marketing executive for films including Mel Gibson's Hacksaw RidgeThe Investigator, Roma Downey and Mark Burnett's Son of GodDifferent DrummersLove Different, and Junction 395. She also counsels filmmakers on how to navigate the cutthroat film industry to maximize exposure for their films while always putting God first in everything they do. Nicole is currently working on 3 faith-based feature films, in different stages of production, slated for 2019-2020 Theatrical Release in the U.S. 

Nicole spoke at the 2017 FIRE Catholic Conference in PA, with Bishop Malesic and Sr. Ann Shields. After Sr. Ann anointed her, the Holy Spirit spoke powerfully through her to 500 adults on repentance and a teen session on the power of prayer. She was also asked to pray over thousands of people in the Tampa Bay region to ignite Godly media on National Prayer Day. 

Nicole also spoke at the 2018 Pittsburgh Young Adult Diocesan Conference and at Magnificat Chicago. She has appeared on EWTN's "At Home with Jim and Joy". Nicole has been featured on Gus Lloyd's Seize the Day, Spirit FM, The Pete O'Shea Show, Moody Radio, and Catholic TV. Her work has been featured and/or endorsed by EWTN, TBN, Variety, NFCYM, and Catholic Mom. Nicole has spoken at Kiwanis National Prayer on "Power of Prayer", NCYC on "Faith in Film", and the International Christian Film Festival on "Faith Based Film Distribution". In 2018 she was asked to partner with Song on Fire Catholic ministry as a speaker to spread the message of chastity to India. 

When not filming or speaking, Nicole runs a Catholic non-profit ministry, GMM (Gabriel's Messenger Ministries), in which God uses her to evangelize for young adults by helping young women choose life over abortion, giving away thousands of Bibles at Easter/Christmas in Catholic Churches, teaching young Catholics filmmaking skills through hands-on experience, and spiritual coaching to help singles and couples live a chase life until marriage.

Nicole went to college at age 16 and graduated Summa Cum Laude with a B.A. double major in Economics and Theater. Before getting into the entertainment industry, she spent 7 years in Investment Management, working with Hedge Funds and private equity. 

She is very thankful for her home parish community in St. Petersburg, Florida, and being able to unite with Jesus in the Eucharist daily!

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