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  "Someone close to me was seriously considering leaving the Catholic Church.  She said after attending the breakfast, she knew she had to stay in the Church."


  "I would say powerful! Is the first thing that comes to mind with the reminder of the beautiful messages of hope and perseverance from Our Lady Queen of Peace. The prayer after was powerful indeed." 


 " Ann was the best, so enthusiastic! I heard a comment from someone that she was at the edge of her seat listening so intently."

“He who is mighty has done great things for [us], and holy is His name”.


    "Maria's talk explained so much about completely immersing yourself in the Holy Spirit and inviting Him to fully take over your life. She explained the gifts of the Spirit through her personal testimony. I just loved when she said that our praises build a throne for God to sit upon in our midst. What a lovely visual! God truly was sitting in our midst on that throne that was built by the worship songs of Living Praise. The grand finale was when so many women went forward to publicly speak out loud their profession of faith to Jesus."


   "I felt a sweet presence of the Holy Spirit. There was a lot of inner healing going on as I noticed many women wiping tears. Everyone at our table appeared to be enthralled in Maria's presentation. It was so good to have Fathers Tom and Ken present. Only God knows what He did there yesterday...but He was indeed busy."


   "The food was good, nice accomodations, and the speaker was wonderful. Everyone should have left blessed beyond measure."


   "It was a totally awesome breakfast. We are still praising the Holy Spirit for His continuing signs and wonders at Magnificat breakfasts. Yesterday was so orchestrated by our Lord. Maria is a tremendous witness of God's love and mercy. The Spirit of the Lord is upon her to preach the good news. It was evident that there was spiritual healing in that room yesterday. We are still basking in the "SON" light."


   "I had a blast in Pittsburgh at your luncheon. You all were absolutely awesome. I loved the bags for the prayer requests. My table was full and people were talking to each other, sharing right and left. We had a lady at our table who was a friend of a friend, who lives in Long Island, NY and who is very interested in starting a Magnificat chapter. This meal was her first!!! She loved it!"


   "It was a lovely luncheon. The room was beautiful, the food was delicious, the music was heavenly, and Susan P.'s testimony was inspiring."


   "Your Spiritual Advisor, Fr. Tom Sparacino, had a very powerful "word" from the Lord. It was a wonderful day and several women said they would like to start new chapters in their areas."


   "It was a joy to assist at this luncheon. I was able to connect with a woman from Atlanta that could begin a Spanish speaker Magnificat chapter in her area."


   "What an uplifting and beautiful breakfast. Thank you for wonderful organization! There were 3 that were first timers. They loved it and felt the Holy Spirit in the room. Everyone liked the food and accomodations at the Crowne Plaza. I think it was a hit."


   "Everyone at our table enjoyed the entire day's program, plus the Praise and Worship group, Fr. Tom, and our guest speaker Sue. She has an incredible story."


   "There were a lot of first timers at my table and they were hooked. I watched as they sang with tears in their eyes - loved the music. The speaker (Sue B.) was amazing in sharing her past and where God wanted her to be. The breakfast also had great reviews and everyone ate well. The girls said they felt the Holy Spirit in the room. Many hearts were moved. Overall A++++ for everything."


   "It was nice being greeted by a smile, seeing the smiling faces on the ladies of registration, having the hostess take care of me and make sure I was comfortable, and the Priest, the speaker, and all of you were great. I left there with a sense of peace."


  "Nikki was anointed with special graces to share her story so openly in a relaxed style that captured everyone's attention. She truly committed her whole heart and soul to Jesus and the way He used her is astounding. Besides her outstanding testimony, her artwork is so spectacular. I could not stop looking at her paintings. The Holy Spirit was moving and touching the hearts of so many women at this breakfast."


   "We left the Magnificat Breakfast agreeing we just experienced a powerful and profound testimony. Nikki is an example of faith in action, fear turned into trust."


   "Every lady at our table enjoyed the morning so much. For each of them it meant something very special. The Breakfast was well received by everyone. We had eight different parishes represented at our table."


   "The breakfast was so wonderful, and Maria gave an inspiring testimony. I brought a new girl, and she was in tears. She said she was coming back for sure. It is an honor to be a part of this wonderful event. Everyone is so good and filled with the Holy Spirit."


   "The speaker, Maria, was awesome. I really felt the Holy Spirit present in the room."


   "Sr. Therese Marie's story was a blessing of the love story of Jesus and herself."


   "My heart and soul were touched by Sr. Therese Marie. She spoke to my heart especially about how Jesus suffers in us as we suffer - He feels our pain."


   "Sr. Therese Marie was a real joy and inspiration. I was so happy to share this breakfast with my mom, sister, daughters, and friends! What a blessing!"


   "Even though there were so many other speakers that were so awesome over the years, I felt that Sr. Therese Marie was an angel in the flesh sent to us for Mother's Day. I am praising God for Magnificat Pittsburgh and Magnificat worldwide."


   "It is all about the total experience which did not disappoint. Mary, Fr. Tom, Living Praise, and Sister Therese Marie all encouraged and inspired and entertained us. The thought I cherished most from our dear speaker was that she always knew that God loved her, but when she realized that He was "in love" with her - it made all the difference in her relationship with her "spouse"."


  "We found Lisa to be very inspirational. Thank you and everyone who had anything to do with making the day so special."


   "The speaker (Lisa) had me in tears. She talked from her heart. Fr. Tom gave us food for thought in his spiritual reflection."


  "Wow! That is all I can say. Some of us needed more tissues! Thank you for such a nice event." 


  "The Magnificat Breakfast was so awesome. Living Praise encourages me to worship. Fr. Tom is a blessing. The speaker, Lorraine, was very very good, and did such a wonderful job ministering to everyone in the room as she spoke."


   "It was a wonderful morning. Lorraine was fantastic. Three of the women at my table said they felt Lorraine was speaking to them personally with her story."


   "Lorraine's witness was awesome! Thanks to her for sharing the goodness of the Lord with all of us. It touched hearts! The Lord has given Lorraine and her husband such a gift of intercessory prayer and the gift of faith. You shine in a darkened world."


   "Lorraine's testimony was more than beautiful. The ladies at my table loved it. Thank you and all the Pittsburgh Magnificat committee for the work you do for God and for us. I so appreciate it all."


   "The speaker was excellent as was the food. Living Praise did a marvelous job and Father gave another wonderful personal testimony involving Sister Ann Shields from the FIRE Rally Charismatic team." 


   "Thank you for a marvelous breakfast. The worship, the music, the prayer & teaching by Father, the witness by Katherine Valentine, and the fellowship was beyond words. It was walking in the Truth in the kingdom of Jesus. Thank you for all your hard work and faithfulness."


   "All of the women at my table seemed to enjoy Joan. They thought she was down to earth and very personable."


   "Very well organized. Lots of conversation at the table. Feelings of connectedness. Good joy filled speaker. People coming up for prayer were being lifted from their burden."


   "Kathleen was awesome. It was like a mini Life in the Spirit. Her ending with that prayer was so anointed. Praise God that so many women attended even in horrible weather conditions."


   "The speaker, Terry Muzones, had a sweet, humble spirit. Her story captivated the women at the table and I saw some tears as the Holy Spirit touched hearts. Everyone loves Fr. Tom. And he does not disappoint, nor does "Living Praise". 

Great music as always."


   "All of us enjoyed the entire experience of the breakfast. One woman who has attended in the past told me that the breakfasts are like a mini-retreat. We sing, we praise, we hear from a spiritual director, we are inspired by the speaker, and we get to fellowship and eat a delicious breakfast. It doesn't get better than that!"


   "I'm so glad to have attended my first breakfast at the invitation of my sister. The power of the Holy Spirit permeates the room. The humor and sincerity of Fr. Tom's "Feed my Sheep" talk still echoes in my thoughts and words."


   "Magnificat has been a true inspiration to me and those I bring to it! Everything is done so holy and blessed. You are truly holy women. I love being here with you."

   "The speaker was good. The friend I brought was influenced by Fr. Tom's talk. As always the music was excellent!"


   "This breakfast was very moving and touched everyone at my table. The ladies praised with song, heads were reverently bowed in prayer, and all listened intently and sometimes with tears as the speaker, Kathy Wabick, unfolded her story.The Holy Spirit used Kathy to reveal to us a glimpse of heaven and His Divine Mercy. We all loved Fr. Tom's 'color outside of the lines' short sermon. This prayer breakfast as - Awesome!"


   "The breakfast was wonderful. The speaker (Kathy Wabick) was very engaging and her testimony had most at my table in tears."


   "People enjoyed this message about the power of the Divine Mercy Chaplet. It is so needed for our time."


   "Fr. Tom was so amazing. I laughed and cried with his journey to the priesthood."

   "I think this Breakfast was one of the best I've ever attended. Everyone really seemed to be having fun. The food was good as always. Fr. Tom's talk was wonderful, funny, and deeply spiritual as well."


   "Wow! Everything was wonderful! Lots of smiling, joyful faces."

   "The music was especially inspiring, the food delicious, and the fellowship was great!!"


   "The breakfast was a blessing. Everyone so enjoyed Fr. Tom's talk."  


   "I knew Fr. Tom would be good, but he was really good!"


   "Kitty Cleveland was outstanding. Her witness and her singing is awesome. God blessed us so much."


   "Kitty Cleveland was awesome. I continue to be amazed; you think, can they find someone better than the one before, and then you hear more testimony. I really, really enjoyed the event!"


   "The ladies at my table truly loved the breakfast. Many said they wanted to come back and bring friends, even though some live 2 1/2 hours away! They thought they'd need a bus next time!"


   "I could have listened to Susan for hours! She was insightful and entertaining."


   "I thought Susan was absolutely a great speaker and, although being Catholic, we surely know about purgatory, but she really brought so much to us and it was SO SO interesting."


   "What a beautiful experience! I found myself saying this over and over again. Thank you for putting so much time, energy, and faith into such a beautiful ministry. I look forward to the next one!"


   "It was overwhelming in a good way to gaze across what seemed to be a never-ending sea of women. Praise God for that!"   


   "The comment made by Jennifer about a team of ladies with smiling faces that greets everyone as they enter is very true. That was so evident this breakfast, although it is actually true of every breakfast. The music was beautiful, as always. Father's theme is usually simple and easy to remember. He weaves a real life story that fits perfectly into his theme."  


   "I could have listened to Susan for hours! She was insightful and entertaining and the time flew by."


   "A lady called me and said it was a lovely time, she felt it was the best breakfast ever. She loved the speaker, the food was delicious, there was no long wait for the food, the room temperature was perfect. She really liked Fr. Tom. She also was pleased because when she bought a book, she had her picture taken with Jennifer."    

   "What a great speaker Jennifer Antkowiak was - so natural - so genuine. I could hear women clearing their throats as Jennifer touched on such beautiful thoughts of her loved ones - and the meaning of family and commitment to them - in sickness and in health - in life and in death. What a witness to her beautiful Catholic faith to everyone she meets ---and even in her workplace at KDKA."


   "Everything was directed by our Lord. Thank you! How GOOD OUR GOD IS.  Nearly 700 women - old and young - all praising GOD. WOW!"


   "What  an example to husbands and wives of her love for her father-in-law and mother-in-law, by saying it was a 'blessing' to care for them when they were ill. So many times we hear the jokes about in-laws. But Christians know that agape love comes ONLY from Jesus which is so encompassing to ALL."


   "It was another beautiful and inspirational breakfast. My table, including 3 first timers and 2 protestants, strongly felt the presence of the Holy Spirit.I  myself was amazed at the speaker was received so openly, how attentive everyone was, and how passionately everyone sang. What happened at my table was true across the entire room. It definitely was a grace-filled beakfast. So everyone, thank you once again for a job well done!"


   "The morning was exceptionally blessed. Every aspect."


   "What a great speaker we were blessed with today. Elizabeth was confident, yet humble, and had a wonderful comic wit about her. She has a beautiful and powerful testimony.


   "As always, I very much enjoyed the Magnificat breakfast. The speakers are always inspiring. The breakfast was very good. Thank you for all that you do to make these breakfasts possible."


   "What a great breakfast. I know that I really enjoyed it. Teresa really addressed a lot of issues and shared her heart and all her struggles, what a courageous woman."       

   “It was a lovely breakfast. The setting was nice. Speaker was wonderful. The lady who did the appeal for an added donation did a great job.”


   “Each breakfast the hand of God's "Divine Design" is apparent. The sister of one of my high school classmates was at my table. I have not seen her in 30 years. Her husband died recently and I wanted to contact her. I came back to my table after looking at a display table briefly and there she was! She recognized me faster than I recognized her. It was her first breakfast. All at my table enjoyed themselves. Congratulations on another successful breakfast.”


   "It was a very Spirit-filled breakfast. The women at my table were open and receptive to each speaker and to Living Praise. I think that Therese Huether's witness touched on so many things: marriage, alcohol, addiction, abortion, prayer and praise; there was a precious nugget for everyone. Fr. Tom always has so much crammed into his few minutes. And Living Praise blows us away with Spirit-filled songs."


   “The ladies at my table really enjoyed our speaker very much. She was so filled with the Spirit. She appealed to women that have been affected by alcoholism, and there are many families affected. I bet she touched women that had abortions too. She was so transparent. The waitresses were very attentive. The food was very good.”  


   "Theresa was right. The Holy Spirit and Our Lady together ministered to many at the breakfast, healing wounds and hearts, and giving special endearing gifts to the ladies."


   "I had a feeling the breakfast was going to be anointed because Theresa is a close friend of Linda Schubert; that was one breakfast that also had a powerful anointing upon it. As we sung the opening song "Come Holy Spirit", 2 women started crying at my table. I was excited to see what the Holy Spirit was going to do. Another woman was a convert from Assembly of God to Catholicism. She and her friend travelled 1 1/2 hours to get to the breakfast. They said it was worth it."


   "The breakfast was great as usual. Sharon Lee's testimony was so touching it made most of us at my table think."


   "It was so wonderful. I was blessed to bring about 15 ladies and they all felt like they were on a Lenten retreat. We are felt that we were awakened to the many pitfalls that we are so unaware of in daily life. Thanks for all the hard work; it surely is paying off in God's eyes."


   "I was nourished at the breakfast with more than the wonderful food! Before

the speaker began, I was already blessed by the woman who shared her Lenten suggestions, and I was certainly blessed by Fr Tom's sharing. The music was wonderful and so uplifting, and the message from Sharon Lee, while certainly emotional, was challenging and encouraging and even hopeful!"


   "I was so comforted by Sharon Lee's comments about the seal of Baptism and the shield of Confirmation."


   "Thanks for encouraging me to attend the breakfast today. What a beautiful morning, and what a powerful testimony. I overheard Sharon Lee talking to someone afterwards, so full of joy, reminding me so much of the "Unplanned" author: God's grace and mercy makes room for such abundant JOY -- He doesn't want us to stay stuck in our sorrow! Today's speaker could so easily become despondent, if not for God's grace. I guess we all could!"


   "It was a wonderful breakfast. I think many women's eyes were opened to something that is so very real, yet so obscure to most. May God continue to expose the New Age deceptions!"


   "The breakfast was wonderful. I enjoyed the speaker and so did the ladies at my table and others from my church. They loved the music. The food was good. The ladies liked Father Tom and the spirituality that was presented. Overall I believed everyone had a good morning and will be back for more speakers."


   "Trudy was a wonderful speaker!"


   "I personally the last two breakfasts have gotten so much from the speakers. I feel my faith has grown so much lately and have a new determination to be a better person and Catholic."


   "Was it not a most wonderful, spirit-filled breakfast today? The rivers of Pittsburgh were flowing with grace upon grace for us, and for all the generous of heart who live here. Thank you all for the work and love that was put into this breakfast to make it so successful. Our Lady of Fatima was so pleased to be honored today by so many women. Trudy Harris is truly a woman who has surrendered her heart and will to the Holy Spirit. She has allowed God to use her and work through her. We were blessed to have her as our speaker. I feel so blessed to be part of this anointed ministry."


   "I brought a first timer who was amazed at the wonderful program, speaker, and accommodations. Hotel did another superb job with feeding 600 plus people! They are very efficient and courteous. Tell the ladies ' thank you' for all that they did to make such a beautiful presentation. The decorator is exceptionally talented! Her crafts at each table, banners, and the head table surrounded by a Lourdes water fountain really created a beautiful atmosphere. We have certainly been blessed with another wonderful spiritual advisor. Thank you for everything."


   "I just kept listening to Johnnette and saying to myself, I cannot believe this, I cannot believe this, because she was soooo good. To be a part of this is wonderful. My husband and I were in Panera's the other day, and a woman came up to me who recognized me from the breakfast. She said Johnnette was 'a ball of fire.' I am waiting for my CD to come so I can listen to Johnnette again. I also want to share it with some friends."  


   "One of my co-workers was just enthralled with Johnnette's testimony. Another woman that I met at church today attended this breakfast and said she was just swept away by Johnnette's 'very powerful' testimony. God is richly blessing the women of Pittsburgh. Thanks be to God!" 


   "Fr. Tom has such ease at the podium and adds such humor to his talks."


   "I thought Fr. Tom did a terrific job. He had a lot of life and energy. Everyone seemed to thoroughly enjoy it. They really liked Johnnette a lot."


   "Everyone at my table enjoyed the singing, the speaker, and the entire breakfast."


   "We chatted all the way home about the wonderful breakfast and the awesome witness of Johnnette. How blessed we are that she is a native of Pittsburgh and was willing to come 'home' and evangelize the women in her home town. I can't wait to get my CD and listen to her again."


    "The Lord moved in a dramatic and powerful way through His anointed daughter Johnnette. The Holy Spirit was being poured out into the hearts of women there today. Tears were falling. The testimony of what Johnnette went through and how our Lord carried her is beautiful. How faithful He is!"  


  "Hotel was beautiful. Susan was phenomenal. Father Tom did a great job also for his first time."


   "The breakfast was wonderful and the speaker, I can't say enough good things about her. LOVE our new spiritual advisor, Fr. Tom. He's inspiring and funny all wrapped up in one." 


   "She really gave me inspiration and also to my friend who came. Very uplifting!"


    "Thank you SO SO much for inviting me to Magnificat. It is the best thing that has ever happened to me. It’s absolutely wonderful! How magnificent the whole concept is about getting women together and bringing them closer to God. The speakers, etc., it’s all such a tremendous blessing! What a testimony!"


   "I cantored Saturday evening Mass and it just continued to be a beautiful day.  The readings and the hymns flowed perfectly with Susan's talk working in Calcutta with Mother Teresa. Her inspiration filled me and I was still glowing in the Spirit into Sunday."


   "The Holy Spirit did not disappoint. Wow! What an anointing on the breakfast. From the loud hubbub of the excited women looking for seating to the reverent hush when Debi gave her testimony, the Holy Spirit and Our Blessed Lady were in control and smiling on us all.


   "I invited a co-worker, and she said she was blessed beyond compare. What a testimony - Debi's story was awesome! Praise God!"


   "Her [the speaker's] story was breathtaking. Very beautiful. We all had goosebumps!"


   "The breakfast was fantastic all around. The ladies at my table all seemed to enjoy the morning."


   "I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart. It [the Magnificat breakfast] has left an impression on me all week."


   "The Magnificat Breakfast was wonderful. I felt so at peace when I left. The speaker was wonderful. She is almost like a saint herself."


   "Everyone at my table enjoyed the speaker Kathy MacInnis. Some women were really touched and were crying. I especially enjoyed her witness because it wasn't dramatic, it was a woman who daily took care of her family with love, and daily carried her cross."


   "The Magnificat Breakfast last Saturday was just wonderful! The power of the Holy Spirit filled that place. The speaker (Kathy) was magnificent. And the call to come forward to give yourself to Christ in a more concrete way was just a beautiful witness to the Holy Spirit working through and in everyone there. I am so grateful that I was there to be a part of that special day."


   "All the ladies at my table were totally in love with Magnificat. We felt the holy atmosphere, and everyone was so friendly and inviting. Enjoyed the music ministry. The speaker spoke to the hearts as some were taking care of older parents and could relate to her journey. Above all, they felt the love of one another, as a family bonded together with Jesus through Mary our mother."    


   "I heard a few women say that they thought this was the most "Spirit-filled" breakfast they have attended so far. That was quite a statement considering the past meals."


   "Wonderful breakfast! Kathy was a great speaker! Praise GOD for Magnificat."


   "The breakfast was awesome! I invited a neighbor and she loved it and said she wants to come to the next one too. The speaker was absolutely wonderful. What a testimony."


    "I want to truly thank you for allowing me to come to the Magnificat Breakfast- (considering my late reservation). I just got home and just had to email you and truly, sincerely thank you. Thank you and all that are involved. This was a very uplifting and spiritually awakening event for me. I am so blessed for having attended the breakfast. I enjoyed all the speakers, the fantastic music and the wonderful women I met at my table. I assure you I will be attending future breakfasts and will not wait until the last minute to send my reservation. I will also tell my friends, family and anyone else who will listen of this fantastic group of women. I will strongly encourage everyone and anyone to join me at your next breakfast."  


   "We thought Susan's testimony was very powerful. Her life's story revealed so much hope and trust in God that it was mind boggling how she praises God through it all. Everyone at my table was deeply touched and took home so much to think about. Mary was relaxed and radiant as she lead us through the morning. We so enjoyed the witty and effective financial "pitch".  And the tables and decorations were so lovely. I was so happy with the idea of adopting a priest. The Magnificat books will give us such opportunities for prayer and devotions during the entire month. Thanks for getting them for us." 


   "Everyone I spoked with truly enjoyed Susan's powerful witness. A friend of mine showed up for her first Magnificat; I didn't know she was coming. At the point where Mary was telling everyone to find a piece of paper in the packet to write prayer intentions on, my friend said, 'This is already more than I expected!' That was probably about 9:15am! Needless to say, she'll be back and plans to help out when she can."


   "Everyone thought that the meal was very delicious and very efficiently served. We had a home schooling mother at our table who has 6 children and her witness to the ladies at the table was very moving. She and her husband were reverts to the faith. She had met Bishop Zubik on another occasion because one of her young sons (7 years old) had written a letter inviting him to their home for dinner. The bishop got down on his knees to thank the child for his invitation. One of her sons wants to be a priest. All Pittsburgh Magnificat breakfasts have been very special events!! I have been awed at God's placement of people at tables every single time."  


   "This was a wonderul experience. My first breakfast. Everyone made me feel so welcome. I didn't know why I was to come, but now I know. Thank you."


    "The breakfast was a great one. But then they all are great! I heard many, many positive comments from the people at our table and my friends. We all just wanted to be close to Amy. What an inspiration she was!"


   "It was the most joyful meeting. We had a great table of ladies who were completely overwhelmed with Amy's Faith. How can there be enough minutes in the day to do all the wonderful charitable works that she her husband, and volunteers have accomplished. Thanks for all you do to bring these wonderful speakers to us."


   "Every woman at my table (2 were first timers) was mesmerized by the worldly holiness of Amy. Worldly because she definitely lives in the world - with 4 children and moms - having all our needs and problems. She is holy because she is doing something about all those needs and problems of all those people. She feeds 500 a day. Clothes? Sleeps? Brings how many into the church each year?  What a lliving saint. We had lots of tears at our table. Thanks be to God for her witness to us. We loved the music ministries of both groups. It was a double whammmy."


   "The breakfast was wonderful. Amy gets a '10' for her super witness. Everyone at my table was enthralled with her. Good choice!"  


  "I really enjoyed the Magnificat Breakfast. I found it very moving and inspirational and prayerful. I was so glad I went." 


  "WOW, what a wonderful Breakfast. I wish we could do it all over again. A friend of mine that sat next to me, that I have been trying to get to come to a breakfast for a couple of years, after it was over, turned to me and said please talk me into coming again. Then I met a lady in church who said to me, I never experienced anything like that. It was wonderful."


  "Everyone agreed that the breakfasts the Magnificat organizes is so uplifting and it feels so good to be in the company with other Catholic women – praying, singing, and sharing their faith and what it has meant in their lives. For me personally, I had the blessing of having some non-Catholics at my table, and I could feel the Holy Spirit coming on them, and in our conversations later, I could see the fruits of the prayers that was lifted up."  


   "One girl came at the urging of a friend. She was so filled with the Holy Spirit that she returned to the church in a powerful way. God is so good!!"

   "He never disappoints us. What an awesome God!"


   "What a meal! The anointing was so strong even when we were praying before the meal, I could feel it. I don't think there were too many dry eyes when it was all over."


   "The Holy Spirit was working deeply among His women. One woman at my table cried and cried during the breakfast, as God was touching her.


   "I thought our speaker, Linda, was a mighty witness of God's mercy and power. And reinforced how the Lord wants to speak to us and guide us every inch of the way - if we listen and obey HIM. During Linda's talk, on my side of the room, I saw several woman with tears running down their eyes. I believe Linda touched many, many hearts yesterday." 


   "The breakfast was great!!!!!!! You really bring in great speakers for us ladies!! I wish I could have had this 40 years ago."


   "Many, many women commented to me about what a wonderful breakfast it was; of course, many were St. Richard ladies--and we are all prejudiced about our special pastor, Fr. Ken.  And I thought Bishop Zubik was fantastic and definitely spirit filled."


   "All at my table were saying how wonderful everything was. This came from two ladies who were not Catholic and the Blessed Mother is not on their radar screen. One lady said she had a lot to think about and the other lady had the prayer ministry pray with her and told me how uplifted she was."


   "Janice is a excellent speaker. My daughter is a fan of Janice and was so in awe of what she was saying. God is good all the time. The Holy Spirit was so in that room with all of us."


   "I was very touched by Jan's talk. She was so humble and had such a spirit of thanksgiving and gratitude."


   "Loved the message of Jan. On my way out I bought the George Washington book because I was so interested in what she had spoken about concerning the apparition that he saw.  It was unbelievable how God has used her to spread the word about Mary and her angels. I'm glad I pre-ordered the CD of her talk and bought Angel Power earlier."


   "There was so much to think about, I'll have to listen to the tape again to take it all in."


   "The talk was extremely inspirational and how true it is that we all at some point in our lives had to carry heavier crosses then others."


   "I always leave the breakfast meals and speakers feeling more refreshed and blessed in my Catholic faith, knowing that the Holy Spirit is with me at all times. I can’t wait until CCD starts. I teach 7th grade and I like bringing what I intake from the speakers to my students."


   "Thank you for everything you do to make the breakfasts so welcoming."


   "I was very moved by Carol Razza. The Lord really wanted me to hear her... her message really hit home."


   "It was a wonderful breakfast. The ladies at my table were so very impressed with the speaker, the breakfast itself, and they were especially pleased with the packet. They loved the holy card and the miniature rosaries."


   "Carol's testimony was absolutely wonderful!! She is awesome. Every single speaker that Our Lady and Our Lord have blessed us with over the years is just phenomenal."   


   "The lady that I invited said she is always glad she makes the effort to come and can't wait until the next speaker. The food was really good. The other ladies had made several of the Breakfasts and said they are supporters of the Magnificat. Looking forward to our next Breakfast in August-my daughter from Ohio is planning on coming."


   "My heart had grown cold and I hadn't been to church in months. At the breakfast, my heart melted and I felt the love of God again. I went to church on Sunday for the first time in months." 


   "Saturday's breakfast was wonderful. Sr. Shields' story was wonderful and reminded me how much I was missing my relationship with Jesus. It was just what I needed in order to see Him."


   "I felt the presence of the Holy Spirit and it was wonderful how everything came together."


   "At the end there were so many prayers and inner healings going on around the room through the mercy of God. . .Wow! The Spirit is a-movin'!"


   "Marilyn has the sweetness of the Holy Spirit and every part of her testimony has to be such a faith builder for all of us. To hear how God planned each step - so clearly - and no one saw His footprints."


   "God's ways bring me such joy. I really delight in hearing how He moves about. I'm just laughing here as I'm remembering parts of Marilyn's testimony. God is so awesome!"


   "Thanks to all of you for all that you do in helping to make Magnificat a place where Catholic women can come and be filled with Catholic spirituality in an atmosphere of love and fellowship."


   "It was a marvelous meeting again. Each time, I think that they cannot possibly be any better than the last one, and yet they are. My table of ladies was totally impressed, and five of the nine were first timers. It confirms what I have been sharing for years - women are hungering for spirituality, and woman-to-woman ministry is desperately needed in our world. Thank you for all that you do to make these breakfasts filled with spirit and love. I have often told the welcoming and hospitality committee at our parish that Magnificat sets a true example of what hospitality really is."


   "The Saturday breakfast was another mini-miracle that showed us just how sweet Our Lady is and how much her heart is in tune with the needs of all women. She really wanted that breakfast to happen. Think how the snow was held off, how many women attended, and how powerful were the words of Katrina and Fr. Ken. I don't know about you all, but I definitely felt a sweet presence around me that started there and lasted all day. I promise to be faithful in prayer for all the intentions of Magnificat and it's members. I had prayer for myself after the meeting. I was scheduled for a medical procedure on Monday. It went perfect and I'm done with that. So I too am grateful for the power of prayer."


   "What a wonderful meal! I had met a lady at my very first Magnificat (in August 2004). The Martha and Mary Ministry has been praying for her needs ever since. God continues to heal her and answer prayers. She is such a lovely woman and this is my comment: if not for Magnificat, I would not have met her nor have had these 17 months of prayer for her! I see the beauty in God's mysterious ways and just how he makes us instruments. It was wonderful to meet Katrina! The statue of Our Lady of Mt. Carmel was BREATHTAKING! The food was wonderful! The hotel was beautiful! (Never been there before.) Another friend attended for the first time and was in awe of such a beautiful event. She especially like the singing/praise. She said now she understands why I've been encouraging her to come with me."


   "I am reminded of the multiplication of the loaves and fishes. That the 400 persons in attendance this past Saturday will take what they received and pass it on to the women in their lives: to their sisters, moms, nieces, cousins, friends, co-workers, etc. Our Catholic daughters need this spirituality and fellowship!! Twenty years ago I had gone to Women's AGLOW. Although it was great, I still felt something lacking because it was not Catholic. Now we have MAGNIFICAT. Katrina's talk was powerful. I saw a young beautiful woman, maybe 25 years old, at the table next to mine. She appeared to be listening intently to each word Katrina spoke. Katrina's talk related to people of all ages. Her broken relationship with her boyfriend certainly got the attention of the younger girls. And she spoke to me in my 50's - an empty nester. GOD IS GOOD ALL THE TIME."


   "Thank you again for a wonderful morning. Your breakfast was one of the most organized and prayerful events I have had the honor of speaking to. I felt very blessed to be a part of your day."


   "This time I felt a very strong power. People just hunger for the love of the Lord in praise and song. Some of our churches don’t have all this kind of worship. I'm always amazed at how much God blesses me! God is good, all the time!"


   "It was an awesome meeting. One girl said the music took her back to when she was a little girl and her parents would take her to prayer meetings. She seemed deeply touched. A lady who sat at my table was overwhelmed with the power she experienced of the presence of the Holy Spirit. She is a very holy woman who prays a lot. Some of the young women at my table were crying, they were so touched. I felt that God’s anointing was on everything; prayer is so powerful. Many of the hostesses were all glowing with the Spirit after. They all seemed so happy to serve."


   "It was an inspirational morning and I have heard a lot of people saying how special these gatherings are."


   "The ladies at my table were such a diverse group! One woman works in a church in Mexico six months out of the year and was sharing her challenges with that. One woman I met at the last breakfast (who comes to these things alone) just happened to be wondering around looking for a seat when I spotted her, and at that point there was only one seat remaining at my table - for her, no doubt! Two of the women at the table work very near to me and we have since made plans to meet for lunch. The mature lady seated next to me used to attend the parish I now attend and was thrilled to hear some news about it." 


   "I had a great time on Saturday and was really blessed and ministered to. So much happened - Mary's opening comments were particularly poignant and meaningful to me. Babsie was amazing. The music ministry was great, and I met so many wonderful women."


   "Everyone I talked to really liked it. I know I have myself become more prayerful and thankful."


   “I can't stop smiling. The Holy Spirit put that smile on my face and I can't stop smiling.”


   “The Spirit moved among His people in a gentle but mighty way. Many of the women at my table were making lists of whom to invite to the next breakfast.”


   "One lady said that she noticed that her friend had tears in her eyes and a glow on her face. She said she had tried many times to explain to this friend about the gifts of the Holy Spirit, yet her friend couldn’t quite grasp the full meaning of these gifts. She said that hearing Patti’s testimony and Patti’s sharing about the Holy Spirit really opened her eyes."


   "As a Greeter and as a Hostess at my table, I met some very beautiful women. Two women at my table did not know each other, but they found out through their conversation that each had an adult child living not only in Colorado, but in the same small town in Colorado. They both called their children at that moment and found out that both of them knew each other as well!!!"


   "I think the fellowship of sharing our Catholic beliefs and experiences are so important."


   "I did not know anyone attending the meal except one lady who is on my retreat team, who I greeted when she came in. She ended up sitting not only at my table but right next to me! These incidents can be called coincidences or as I like to say 'God-incidences'!  I really enjoyed the whole event. To look at the room filled with 300+ women and know these are all 'Catholic women' who believe as I believe, it was truly beautiful.


   "Everyone at my table was very pleased and happy with the breakfast. The food was delicious, the music ministry did a great job with the singing. Fr. Ken had a captivating message. Patti's testimony was the icing on the cake."

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